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Someone who crafts "qualia".
クオリアをつくる − 林 亜希子

21 September 2020

Someone who crafts "qualia".

 グラススタジオ「qualia-glassworks」。"クオリア"という聞き慣れない単語は、日本語にすると"感覚質"と訳されるもので、私たちが心の中で感じる質のことを表す脳科学用語だ。なんとなく良い感じ、夕焼けの赤いの感じ、風が頬を撫でる感じ、そういった質感を表す言葉がクオリア。ガラス作家・林 亜希子が目指すのは、そんな「ちょうどいい感じ」を体感させるもの。作品を手に取り、日々の暮らしの中で使ってこそ実感できる魅力は、小さなグラスひとつから少しづつ拡がり、毎年ファンの数を増やしている。

Photographer: Masashi Kuromoto(STUDIO crossing)
Interview, Edit: Misa Kuromoto

"qualia-glassworks" is located in a quiet corner of a residential area near our gallery in Minokamo City, Gifu Prefecture. The workshop and residence with an industrial impression is a two-story building, and the first floor facing the garden is a studio. The workshop is lined with self-made tools and workbenches, with iron tools of various shapes, orange cords crawling on the floor, commercial fans, etc., all of which are neat and rustic. The American-made melting furnace, which melts glass all year round, is large and can produce a large amount.

Glass melted in a high-temperature furnace is wrapped around a rod and blown into shape. I never get tired of watching the process of making soft materials that change shape in an instant, using the whole body in a rhythmic way. All of her creations are simple and unadorned, but require uncompromising skill and precision.

The lineup of works has not changed much since the beginning of independence. When I asked him about it, he said that rather than trying to make a lot of different types, he says that once he finds something that he thinks is good, he makes it over and over again. While repeating the same work, I think that it is more important to repeat such things as making it a little thinner, wider, or sharper to make it better, rather than increasing the variety. When I heard that, I realized that this very sober attitude of manufacturing is the core of "qualia" that dwells in the work. Rather than drastically changing the colors and shapes, the overlapping of subtle changes that are added during daily production lead to a clear difference in the final impression.

At first glance, it has the uniformity of a product, but at the same time, it is a work that attracts the soft texture unique to hand-blown glass, the fluctuation of light, and the uneven beauty. When you wake up in the morning and drink a glass of water, it adds a little beauty to that moment. I never say it out loud, but if you use it, you will understand that it will become a staple in your life. That is the qualia that Akiko Hayashi aims for, "just the right feeling".

Artist Profile
林 亜希子

1997年〜2002年 大阪府大阪市 旭硝子製作所勤務。 2002年〜2008年 大阪府和泉市 fresco勤務。2010年より岐阜県美濃加茂市にガラス工房を構え qualia-glassworks(クオリアグラスワークス)として制作活動を行う。GALLERY crossingでは毎年冬に新作発表を兼ねた展示会を開催。定番のグラスやプレートなどのうつわをはじめ、ペンダントライト、スタンドライトなどの照明作品も手がけている。

Artist Profile
Akiko Hayashi

She worked in Asahi Glass and fresco studio in Osaka, She will hold and produce a studio in Minokamo, Gifu Prefecture, in 2010. These peaceful looking glass items were made with the glass-blowing method. These beautiful fixtures born from reliable skills fostered through practice and a delicate aesthetic will harmonizw with your living space and bring a beautiful feeling of translucency to your life.

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