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People living happily together with earth and fire.
土と炎と暮らす − 渡辺 隆之

21 September 2020

People living happily together with earth and fire.


Photo: Masashi Kuromoto (STUDIO crossing)
Interview, Edit: Misa Kuromoto

Watanabe, who has been making pottery for over 20 years, is not limited to digging soil, burning firewood, and making pottery in recent years. His recent works include art pieces that depict the shape of the earth itself, using familiar materials such as flowers, ash, and pine resin. At first glance, these seem to be different jobs, but it is interesting to hear that the starting point is still the soil. “Plants are temporary, momentary events that grow from the soil. However, they come in many different colors and have different fibers and characteristics. It's exactly the same as the 'pottery' I've been doing for a long time," he says.

The production method of his "Utsuwa" is very primitive, but it also gives us a sense of novelty. A dent made by pushing a natural stone into the sand is used as the shape of the vessel. Mud was gently poured over it and baked. It can be said that it is simply a copy of the shape of stone, and it is not a concrete image. Takayuki Watanabe says , “I wish I could give form to the concept of a natural container, which is the movement of scooping both hands together.” Originally made on the sandy beach of the sea, the bowl has the presence of an unadorned, leafy dish, and is a comfortable place to enjoy lightly boiled vegetables and grilled ingredients. It's really easy, and it's a vessel for the day of the day that snuggles up to everyday life.

Pottery started from earthenware. Various uses and techniques were born in the long history, and the present age has a wide variety of beauty. Encounter with pottery, worked under the potter Taizo Kuroda, traveled around Asia, and saw pottery and its lifestyle culture. It's just a reflection of his personality and lifestyle.

Artist Profile
渡辺 隆之


Artist Profile
Takayuki Watanabe

1981 Born Shizuoka prefecture in Japan. 2000 Graduated Meisei University. He met ceramics researcher Mr.Shunichi Yoshimura, and his interest in clay deepened. After that, he became acquainted with lifestyles that incorporate earthenware such as those in India and Nepal. In China, he learned about the mass production of porcelain. Beginning in 2005, he worked as an apprentice to ceramic artist Mr.Taizo Kuroda. After that, he traveled through the earthenware cultures of seven countries in Asia and then settled in Izu. He digs his own clay, makes firewood kilns, and has begun making ceramics in earnest. Currently living and working in Izu , Shizuoka prefecture. 

The production method of "Utsuwa" that he is working on newly is It is very primitive, but makes us feel new. A natural stone is pressed against sand to make a dent. Gently pour mud and burnt there. These can be said that it is simply a copy of the stone form.

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