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Kubomi 89
Kubomi 89
Kubomi 89
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Kubomi 89

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    Artist: Takayuki Watanabe
    material: Soil (Shuichinohe), ash, open burning
    size: 80×52×26mm
    "kubomi" 2020
    Soil, Ash, Fired on the ground uncovered.

    Product number: TWK89

    From the works exhibited at the solo exhibition " Earth collection 2020 " held at GALLERY crossing in 2020 . "Yakimono" is made by pressing stones against the ground and pouring mud into the depressions, and then putting firewood on top of it and burning it. The soil used in his works was collected around Izu where he lives.
    It is a piece that leads to Takayuki Watanabe's daily use vessel "sand casting vessel".

    Earth Collection 2020 by Takayuki Watanabe, a ceramic artist who lives in the mountains of Izu, Shizuoka Prefecture and lives while doing "pottery". All of these, named "Kakera", "Nohara", and "Hollow", are made by collecting and reconstructing a part of the earth.
    Exhibited at GALLERY crossing in June 2020

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