Akita, Japan|Glass

He was born in Akita, Japan, in 1983. After completion of his degree in glass in Akita, he worked with glass in Toyama for 5 years. Hemoved his base to Akita in 2017 and currently works in his own glass studio. Bright scenery at the end of a prayer. His work is created by first making a prototype with wax, then using that to make a mold out of gypsum, and finally pouring cast glass onto the mold. The convection current and changes to the glass inside the kiln cannot be controlled and forms the element of surprise. The thick layer of glass poured onto the mold stores the light and mix with the clay glazed on the surface and the metal poured into it to form a complex scenery. While it is reminiscent of ancient glass and ruins, it is also full of new light and hope.