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Akiko Hayashi Tumbler L

Akiko Hayashi Tumbler L

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When you pick it up and place it in a space, you suddenly feel "something nice". Akiko Hayashi's glassware is aimed at such things.

As the saying goes, it may seem uninspiring at first glance, but it is so comfortable to use that you just pick it up in your daily life.

Akiko Hayashi does not create a lot of new things, but by continuing to make the same works for about 10 years since the studio opened, she has deepened only what she thinks is really good. More comfortable and more beautiful appearance. The glass that has been honed in this way has a “somewhat nice” feel to it, and while it is quiet, it has a solid appearance that gives us an unexpected impression in our daily lives.

The light looking glass is neither too thin nor too thick. It is produced with practicality in mind, such as the comfort of the mouth and the ease of handling. For plenty of drinks such as beer, iced coffee, and soda.

Artist: Akiko Hayashi
Material: Glass
Size: Φ90 × 125± mm (capacity: about 500ml when filled with water)
Item No.: AH05

[ Note ]
The price shown is for one item.
Because it is a one-of-a-kind item, there are individual differences in size, thickness, and color.
Colors and textures may look slightly different depending on your monitor.
Not heat-resistant glass. Do not use hot water, dishwasher or microwave.

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